Learn how to calm your anxiety and stress, on demand, both in and out of the dental office

Thursday 4 April @7pm – 9pm EST

Rescheduled to April 11th

As a dentist, you face constant stress and pressure, leaving you drained, on edge, and exhausted.

Together we will unlock YOUR power to access your Parasympathetic Nervous System CALM.


+ Learn how to use your AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM to reduce stress 

+ Leave work at work: to be mentally and emotionally present for your family. Actually have the bandwidth and patience to read Good Night Moon three times at bed time and feel really good about it. ❤

+ Stop self-sabotaging. You know what you need. It’s time to give yourself permission to start that nutrition program you have invested in and keep not having enough time for, start follow through on the promises you made to yourself! 💪

+ Access that witty response in the moment and not, frustratingly, hours later. Because you are so calm in the moment and you have learned how to stay present even when that team member is triggering you. 😉

+ Make better choices for self-care and boundary setting. Teach your BODY to help you hold those boundaries. Calmly and firmly allow “No” to be a complete sentence. 🚫

+ Take the bathroom break when you need to and not only when you’re about to burst at the end of a patient workday! 🤦‍♀️

+ Speak up and ask for what you need.Stop compensating and doing EVERYTHING for everyone else. You deserve support, as an incredible leader meant for more, being able to ask for support is an imperative. 🙏

+ FINALLY get a full night’s sleep. Need I say more? 😴

+ All attendees will receive 2 PACE AGD credit hours

Calm In The Chaos Masterclass

Thursday 11 April @7pm - 9pm EST

And YES there will be recordings to watch on REPLAY but you will want to be there LIVE - Trust me!!

Who Is This For?

You are a high achieving woman in dentistry who KNOWS she is intended for more but she is too exhausted to get there!

As an orthodontist I experienced chronic stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. I kept thinking there must be something WRONG with me! 

There is NOTHING wrong with you. In fact, your nervous system is doing EXACTLY what it should. But YOU get to call the shots. 

Allow me to show you how your fight or flight response shows up in dentistry, specifically, and how to use your body to tap into CALM.

Led by a woman who was where you are not too long ago.

An Orthodontist, a mother, a people pleaser, a rule follower, the hardest working person in the room.

All the positive affirmations in the world weren't changing anything, WHAT WAS MISSING WAS THE AWARENESS OF WHAT WAS HAPPENING IN MY BODY.

"Reconnect with yourself, prioritize your well-being, and empower your professional and personal life."

Join us in this journey from Chaos to Calm.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your stress into serenity. Reserve your spot now for “Calm in the Chaos" Nervous System Regulation for Women in Dentistry”

Your journey to a balanced, fulfilling practice starts here.

Who Should Attend:

Women in dentistry who are ready to break free from the treadmill of exhaustion and stress.

You are taking care of EVERYONE ELSE, find out how to take care of YOU.

Contact Us:

For any inquiries, please email: tarryn@drtarrynmaccarthy.com