Taking A Breath Saved Me From A Law Suit

Laura is a sweet, demure, lovely woman in her 50’s with beautiful silvery hair and a passion for making women feel beautiful and empowered. You can imagine that the minute I met her as a new patient in my orthodontic practice I instantly felt a kismet connection with her and knew that we would hit […]

Does Your Definition of SUCCESS Include How You Want To FEEL?

 I was driving in my jeep chatting with my daughter on the way home when, on a whim, and inspired by a beautiful tune that was playing, we pulled alongside a riverbed and parked the car. We had places to be but were in no hurry and I was enthralled in the conversation this sweet, […]

Patience is a Superpower

I remember when I was about 16 years old sitting on the edge of my grandmother’s bed and asking her how to cultivate patience. I laugh just thinking about it because the conversation was so sweet and I have such a vivid picture of that moment in my heart but I can’t for the life […]

Desire Over Doubt

Desire over Doubt. I remember this moment in Costa Rica just before the pandemic hit in March of 2020. We were on a family vacation on the East Coast near Tortuguero, Costa Rica. We went for a walk on the black beach just as a storm was rolling in over the Caribbean Sea. Leif wanted […]

Permission To Never Give Up

If there is one secret to reaching for anything you want, love, money, health, happiness, success, it is this: NEVER GIVE UP. That’s it. That is the secret to life. Never quit. Relentless pursuit of anything sounds punishing and aggressive and obstinate. But it is the secret of purpose and happiness. Because the opposite of constant reaching for […]

You Get To Choose The Lens Of Your Perception

“It’s up to you,” she whispered as she lay me down to sleep that night. “You can choose where you wake up in the morning, you can choose who you want to be.” I grimaced, wanting so badly to play along. How could I choose to paint my own reality? How could I possibly dictate […]

Fear and Failure

What would I do if I had no fear and there was a promise of no failure? Fear is a mysterious teacher and reflective mirror. Fear alerts us to our most valued inner possessions. Fear is a clear indicator of what really matters. Who would fear the fire if they could never burn? Fear plucks […]

Laying down the past’s heavy backpack

The past has no ability to keep us from being fully conscious in the present. It is only our attention to old stories that prevents us from seeing the possibility in the now Every single day is an opportunity for a new perspective, a new beginning. The past can be a generous teacher but it […]

Bolstering joy as winter is coming

Right now, here in New England, we are surrounded by the most incredible display of gold, deep mustard yellow, rusty orange and the last of the fiery Burning Bushes. It is the more mature older sister of the kaleidoscope of the early fall brilliance. It is a reminder and a fore-bearer of the crisp days and even […]


Courageous is dreaming even when it seems dark. Courageous is knowing there is potential for better despite the “obvious”. Courageous is the conviction of happiness when all the signs point to darkness. It is that precious nugget of courage, that permission to dream, that pushes families forward, individuals forward, businesses forward, movements forward, whole countries […]

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