Live the Life of Your Dreams In and Outside Of The Office

Radical Happiness IS possible—even in dentistry.

You know you were made for more – here’s your chance to make 2024 the year you said yes to YOU!

Starting July 14th, 2024

What does it mean to BOOST your Radical Happiness?

Imagine your future …

You get up in the morning, stretch, feeling enormously calm and refreshed. A sense of peace and contentment floods your consciousness. You feel incredibly grateful for this incredible life you lead.

You look back over the last 9 weeks and marvel at your personal growth. You can’t believe how much is changing in your life in such a short period of time. You are fully fueled and excited for what the future holds.

You feel totally connected to your intuition and cannot wait for the magic that is about to happen. You have clarity of your purpose and your directional compass. You feel FREE.

You have mastered regulation of your nervous system and can return to calm with ease.

No one and no thing ever makes you feel anything. You are the creator of your own reality.

When you live in Radical Happiness:

What's more ...

Every day is a gift and you never have to push through to the weekend.

Radical Happiness is about learning to live more-the core of what I teach inside of Radical Happiness For Practitioners!

  This transformational program is the “how” to find inner fulfillment within Dentistry. Understanding the neurobiology of why we do what we do, why we feel the way we feel, and how we can take back the power over our own lives instead of feeling like a victim of it. This revolutionary program is the foundation for living the life of your dreams and truly feeling radical happiness – everyday – not just on the weekends

Happiness IS possible.


The coaching program for dental professionals who want it all: abundant careers, quality family time, personal wellness, and inner fulfillment.

We Kickoff July 14th, 2024!


These mini lessons are the core teachings of our Radical Happiness teachings.


Receive LIVE coaching from ME, Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy, to help personalize the work for your unique situation.


That you can work through and implement at work and at home and begin to see results right away.


Dr. Tarryn Uniquely recorded to help integrate the lessons along with Hypnotic Recordings designed to that will help reprogram your subconscious mind to believe in your worth, embrace change, and create unstoppable confidence.


Private Whatsapp group of extraordinary, unconditionally loving fellow practitioners where you can receive daily support, PLUS in depth group trainings AND 1:1 coaching. 

14 PACE AGD CE Credits

Cultivating the radical personal responsibility for your own nervous system regulation and happiness makes you a better provider and you earn CE for that!

...because your life (and the people you love) deserve the best version of you!


We start July 14th, 2024!

NOW is YOUR time.

I put off my own happiness for nearly 4 decades thinking it was best for everyone else if I waited.

I kept saying…

I will be happy when… 

I will invest in my happiness when… 

And you know what? That day never came. 

The truth is no one is going to give you permission except for you. 

The good news is, there has never been a better time to invest in your happiness: the best time is now

You, your patients, your team, and your family depend on it.


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