Reflect and Renew:

Your Path to Success

in 2024

Our transformative end-of-year workshop is your invitation to a brighter, more intentional year ahead.

Make the most of your journey through 2023 and step into the new year with a renewed sense of purpose and vision!

Five Specific Areas Of Focus:

Love and Connection:

πŸ’ž Deepen your relationships, both with yourself and those around you. In “Reflect and Renew,” you’ll discover the power of love, connection, and nurturing the bonds that matter most.


πŸ’° Secure your financial future with clarity and purpose. Craft your financial goals and strategies to ensure a thriving financial landscape in 2024.

Physical Health:

πŸƒ Your health is your wealth. We’ll help you set wellness goals, establish sustainable routines, and ensure that you enter 2024 set up for success.

Impact and Contribution:

🌎 Make a meaningful mark on the world. What is this all for if it isn’t to make a difference? We’ll guide you in identifying your unique contribution and how this can be the year that you create a lasting impact on the causes and people you care about.

Happiness and Fulfillment:

πŸ˜ƒ Ultimately, it’s all about your happiness and fulfillment. Discover the path to inner contentment, finding joy in the everyday and living a life that truly resonates with your heart.

Event Details:

December 29th, 2023

12 PM EST - 2:30 PM EST

You will also receive a complimentary event workbook and 2.5 AGD PACE CE credits for attending.

And YES there will be recordings to watch on REPLAY but you will want to be there LIVE - Trust me!!

Together, we will . . .

πŸ” Explore Your Wins:

Let’s dive deep into the past year, celebrating your victories, both big and small, in each of these areas. Together, we’ll ensure that your successes are acknowledged and cherished.

πŸ“š Reflect and Learn:

Life is a journey of ups and downs. We’ll help you embrace the lessons from where you may have fallen short and turn them into stepping stones for the future, in every aspect of your life.

🎯 Set Powerful Intentions:

It’s time to craft intentional, clear goals for 2024 in the realms of relationships, finances, physical health, impact, and happiness.

πŸ” Overcome Blocks:

Identify the obstacles that have held you back and make a plan to overcome them. We’ll tackle those lingering decisions and clear the path to your dreams in all five areas.

🌟 Define Success:

What does success mean to you in 2024 across these essential dimensions? Let’s discover your unique definition and ensure that you’re moving toward a future that truly aligns with your desires.

πŸš€ Become the Best Version of You:

Uncover the person you need to become in 2024 to manifest the success you seek in each area of your life.

Your future self is waiting to emerge, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Join us for this empowering journey of reflection, renewal, and personal growth across the spectrum of love and connection, finances, physical health, impact, and happiness.

What are you waiting for?

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make 2024 your year of fulfillment and achievement in all these key aspects of your life.

Reserve your spot now and get ready to Reflect and Renew in 2024!

Who Should Attend:

Women in medicine and dentistry who are ready to break free from limitations and unleash their full potential.

The time has come to give yourself the permission to discover, embrace, and ignite your purpose:

The time has come to give yourself the permission to discover, embrace, and ignite your purpose:

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