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Radical Visualization

Harnessing the power of Visualization to get everything you want in life. Learn to further grow this skill for yourself, building on the concepts taught in Radical Happiness. This is critical for building a side-gig or new business beyond dentistry and how to ensure it’s massive success.

Radical Healing

Use the power of your mind to increase healing in your own body and to help your patients heal more rapidly. In this masterclass I will show you the process I use to help my orthognathic surgery patients heal within 6 weeks what used to take months to years to recover from. I will show you the technique I used to stop my own migraines that I had suffered from for 36 years.

Radical Consciousness

Understanding the difference between 3D, 4D, and 5D Consciousness. What are the levels of consciousness, how can we harness this understanding to better serve us in gaining perspective and seeing things for how they really are. We will talk about he Quantum Field and energetics and demystify The Consciousness Revolution.

Trauma Informed Spaces

Understand what being “Trauma Informed” means as a practitioner and how to understand the impact of “trauma” on you and your life as a provider, business owner, parent, and life partner.

Inner Child Freedom Process Deepening

Deeper investigation into why this is so powerful for your own healing. How to do this for yourself. And healing the most common core limiting beliefs.

Nervous System Regulation

Oh there is SO much more than what we just touched on in Radical Happiness! This will be a “Bain and nervous system science” deep dive and practice of several modalities for getting to calm quicker and why they work or don’t work for you.

Detached Involvement

This is a key skill to harness as a dentist and a human being who interacts with other human beings. We will talk about and practice physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practices to stay engaged and remain detached to protect your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic self in any situation.

Let's keep this momentum going.

The work works 100% of the time if you work it!

And staying in community and continuing to grow and deepening your understanding is HOW to continue the work. This is the work that makes all the other work work.

You have felt it. You have a taste of what living in ease looks like. You have a taste of what calming your nervous system down to take aligned action looks like. You have a taste of what it looks like to FEEL your FEELINGS and process through them. You have a taste of what living the life of your dreams looks like. Let’s keep going!


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