You Get To Choose The Lens Of Your Perception

“It’s up to you,” she whispered as she lay me down to sleep that night.

“You can choose where you wake up in the morning, you can choose who you want to be.”

I grimaced, wanting so badly to play along. How could I choose to paint my own reality? How could I possibly dictate the facts of my surroundings?

“You get to choose the lens of your perception” she crooned.

I closed my eyes as the thunder shook the house, powerless at the feet of the weather gods.

She smiled her warmth and compassion and breathed her gratitude breath.

In a heartbeat I glimpsed the truth of her words as I was overcome with the abundance around me and the power within me.

I felt the warm sheets against my skin and sank into the firm support of the mattress holding me high.

The thunder reverberated against the ever present walls and windows, brick and mortar, promise and protection.

The rain pelted down against the roof above my head , reminding me of her steadfast strength.

I saw my reality of warmth and safety. I embraced the abundance of my surroundings.

As she wrapped her wings around me my Gratitude Angel brushed her lips against my cheek and I was home.


Loving and taking care of your own happiness, the people in your world will benefit too. When you feel good, you do good. You are worthy of happiness and your patients, your team, and your family deserve the very best of you.

Successful and happy leaders all have one thing in common:

A regular meditation practice.
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