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Your greatest investment will always be in yourself.

It is how you tap into your authentic power. To envision HER.
To connect to HER. To become HER.

You didn't go through years of education and self-sacrifice to be miserable.

Perhaps on the outside, everything looks pretty great: you’ve got the title, the career, the home and the family. But while those external accomplishments do a lot to impress, they don’t bring happiness.

Happiness is an inside job.

There are so many things outside of your control that have you overwhelmed, stressed out, or anxious.

If this sounds familiar, know that you are not alone.

What makes this work different from all the other coaching programs out there?

This work is embedded in mindset mastery and identifying the limiting beliefs that have dictated your thoughts and actions for decades. Understanding your neurobiology and how coping mechanisms have served you until now will allow you to heal from past traumas and fears and empower you to integrate the mindset work at a sub-conscious level.

Because I know your world intimately...

I have created proven techniques and practices to bring with you into the dental and medical office to allow you to embody the work at work and to fall in love with what you do again. On a scientific level, I will teach you how to literally regulate your own nervous system to support you on a daily basis, in and outside the office.

THAT is the magic that truly sets this program apart!

Get personalized One-on-One coaching support from Dr. Tarryn.

Let's dive deeper into developing your own radically happy life!

Get ready to uplevel from a Do More Mentality to a Live More Mindset in this 9-week program.

Wondering how to blend career, family, and personal life? Then this program is for you!

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Keynotes, workshops, and seminars inspiring audiences to lead with confidence in all areas of life. From leadership and mindset strategies to reframing our societal definitions of success, Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy will empower your audience with memorable, actionable strategies.

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